Test out Firefox OS on Nexus S

Curiosity got to me yesterday. I’ve heard about Firefox OS for some time and seen it on Youtube, but never got my hands on it. After a short Google search I’ve found that you can put it on android phones, and better yet, my Nexus S is one of the supported phones. Yeeey. The process […]

Kubuntu Users Map

Hello World! I was looking around to see how other romanian Linux Communities are organised and stumbled upon a great map on the OpenSUSE Romania website that shows the location on the globe of OpenSUSE users. And then I thought, this is a great idea. Why not have one for Kubuntu as well?


Fixing Bugs at Munich Bug Squashing Party

This weekend (22-24 Nov 2013) I’ve finally had the privilege to meet some of the Kubuntu Team members at the Munich Bug Squashing Party, organised by the LiMux project for Debian and Kubuntu. This was a great event to meet the teams and learn more form each other.

Linux Workspace Setup

After following a course on Coursera, I’ve seen something I’ve liked and thought on how can I improve it. So I came up with this: The GeekAliens Linux Workspace Setup A forked GitHub repository with Linux configuration files which I’ve customized to my likings and thought that this can be useful for anybody.


HOW TO: Enable Cover Switch on KDE

The following is presented in KDE 4.10.3. The default way of application switching on KDE, by using (Left) Alt + Tab, is Thumbnails. A classic representation of the thumbnails of all opened applications in a row. To bring a piece of eye candy to this functionality, you could try to use the Cover Switch.


Reasons to hate or love Kmail

I love KDE and most of the applications from it. One of the most used is Kmail. The interface is beautiful and very customizable. But there are some things in Kmail (Kontact) that makes you want to throw the computer out the window.

Use an enum with custom values with QComboBox

Hello world. Daily coding brings up new opportunities to search for and discover new ways to accomplish things. Perhaps not always the best solutions but, in time, we’re getting there. Today, life brought upon me a new challenge: simplify previously written code. Among other useful thing I will probably mention in future posts, one needed […]